SMS short code (30388)

Dear Client

Did you know that you can access your Retirement Savings Account (RSA) information with ease and at your convenience no matter the time or your location? All you need is your registered mobile number on our records and you are ready to get started.

Below are the relevant formats for your use in order to receive instant responses to your enquiries via SMS when you send your request/enquiries by text message to 30388.


S/N Request / Enquiry Sending Format (Text Message to 30388)
1 Your Pension Identification Number (PIN) MYPIN
2 Your last contribution CONT PENxxxxxxxxxxx
3 Your RSA balance BAL PENxxxxxxxxxxxx
4 Your Pension Registration Certificate (PRC). Your PRC will be sent to your registered email address PRC PENxxxxxxxxxx
5 Your RSA statement. Your Statement will be sent to your registered email address. STMT PENxxxxxxxxxxxx
6 Reset / change your online password RESET PENxxxxxxxxxxxx
7 Sign up to receive your RSA statement via email ONLY MAIL PENXXXXXXXXXXXX i.e. ([MAIL] space [your Pension PIN number] space [your email address])
8 Your benefit application status APP PENxxxxxxxxxxxx
9 Search for any of our office location LOC Area to 30388 e.g for locations in Ikeja, [LOC] space [Ikeja]
10 Update your Staff ID Number UPDATESTAFFID PENxxxxxxxxxxx staff ID (i.e. [UPDATESTAFFID] space [your pension PIN] space [your new staff ID]
11 How to access your latest contribution, RSA balance, and PIN HELP

Please note that you can access the above listed services only with the mobile number registered on our records. SMS costs N10 only. The PENxxxxxxxxxxx used here is a sample. Please make use of your own RSA PIN.

For further enquiries, do not hesitate to send an email to or call our 24/7 multilingual Contact Center on 01-2716000.


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