Health Grounds

Health Grounds

This occurs when an employee disengages from active service based on the advice of a suitably qualified physician or medical board certifying that the employee is no longer mentally or physically capable of carrying out the functions of his/her office due to total or permanent disability either of mind or body.


Benefits Accessible

An RSA holder retiring on health grounds can access the balance in his/her RSA account either as

  1. An Enbloc payment (provided the balance in the retiree’s RSA is less than N550,000.00)
  2. Lump sum and programmed withdrawal payment or annuity


Requirements to be fulfilled by the RSA Holder

An RSA holder retiring on health grounds or his/her representative or employer shall provide the documents listed on the checklist for Health grounds application while clients resident abroad can submit notarized copies of their documents via email. Click here to download Health Grounds withdrawal checklist.

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