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Contribution Schedule Format


Contribution Schedule Format for Employers

Always working to make contributing easier for our employers, we have prepared a contribution format.

All contribution schedules should be sent to pensioncontribution@stanbicibtc.com  and a copy sent to ibtccollections@zenithcustodian.com whenever payment is made at the bank.

Process for employers to follow when remitting contributions

Step 1:

Softcopy contribution format of payments made are to be forwarded to pensioncontribution@stanbicibtc.com and a copy sent to ibtccollections@zenithcustodian.com on or before payments are made. 

Step 2:

Walk into any Zenith Bank Branch with a hard copy of the contribution schedule and fill out the customized ZPC/SIPML bank deposit slip. Where the customized teller is unavailable, please fill the regular bank deposit slip with the following account details:

  • Bank Name: ZENITH BANK
  • Bank Branch and Address: (ANY ZENITH BANK BRANCH)
  • Bank Account Number: 1010885522
  • Employer Name:
  • Period Covered:

If pension remittance is to be made electronically, advise your banker of the account details above  along with our banker’s sort code below:

  • Sort Code (MANDATORY): 057150013 (if payment is via e-transfer)

Please note that the Employer Name, Depositor’s Name and the period(s) covered by the  contribution should always be stated.

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