No contributions in your account?

No Contributions yet? Why? Perhaps you have been wondering why you have not received any contributions into your Retirement Savings Account. The reason for this could depend on whether you work in the Public or Private sector.

I work in the Public Sector: The National Pension Commission (PenCom) is responsible for remitting the pension contributions of employees of the Federal Civil Service. PenCom determines the actual pension benefits due to individual employees based on the Nominal Rolls submitted by their employers. You are to liaise with your employer to include your correct details on the Nominal Roll to be submitted directly to PenCom. Once remittances are made on your behalf, your account will be credited and you will be notified accordingly.

I work in the Public Sector but my employer is under the Integrated Personnel and Payroll Information System (IPPIS): Given that your employer is enrolled under the IPPIS, the Office of the Accountant General of the Federation is responsible for your pension contributions. You are therefore required to visit any Federal pay office close to you to update your records and enable the remittance of your pension contributions. Once remittances are made on your behalf, your account will be credited and you will be notified accordingly.


Reason What to do
I have not yet registered with a Pension Fund Administrator To register with us simply download our RSA registration form , fill-in and submit to any of our locations near you.


I work in the Private Sector:

Reason What to do
I have registered with Stanbic IBTC but have not yet received a PIN. Stanbic IBTC Pensions is liaising with the National Pension Commission to issue your PIN and we will contact you via our free Transaction Alert System, T-ALERT, to let you know once you have got your PIN.
I have not yet given my RSA PIN to my Human Resources or Personnel department. Kindly send your RSA PIN and Pension Fund Custodian details to your Human Resources department.
Your Employer has not sent us money, or we have received money without the required accompanying schedule. Our Relationship Management Unit may also be liaising with your Human Resources department to obtain the required list of employees.
Your Employer has paid your contributions to our PFC, however the funds have not yet cleared. As soon we receive value for your contributions and we credit your RSA, you will receive notification from us via SMS and email via our free Transaction Alert System, T-ALERT.



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