Pension Assets Hit N9.03tn

02 Jun 2019

Pension Assets Hit N9.03tn

The National Pension Commission (PenCom) has disclosed that total pension assets in the country have risen to N9.030 trillion as at March 31, 2019, up from the N7.44 trillion it was in January. The commission which disclosed this in publication obtained on its website yesterday, said these assets have been judiciously and prudently invested in 24 major asset classes to yield interests to the contributors Giving a breakdown of how the assets were invested, the commission said federal government’s securities took a lion-share of the investment as it received well over N6.51 trillion, representing 72.9 per cent of the total assets. Specifically, federal government bond got N 4,458,806.38 of the funds, representing 49.37 per cent of the total assets; while N1.94 trillion was invested in treasury bills (21.44 per cent); N11.96 billion in Agency Bonds (NMRC & FMBN), (0.13 per cent); N94.11 billion in Sukuk (1.04 per cent) and N8.51 billion in Green Bonds, (0.09 percent.). The commission also said in line with the Multi-fund structure, Retirement Saving Account (RSA) Fund 1, witnessed N12.73 billion investment and RSA Fund 11, recorded N3.99 trillion investment, RSA Fund 111, saw N2.15 trillion investment while RSA Fund IV, recorded N732.13 billion investment.

Furthermore, the report showed that N596.61 billion, which was 6.54 percent of the funds, was invested in domestic ordinary shares; while N62.59 billion, amounting to 0.69 percent was invested in foreign ordinary shares. Similarly, while N144.31 billion (1.60 per cent) was invested in state government’s securities; corporate bonds got N463.99 billion (5.4 percent); corporate infrastructure bonds, received N8.64 billion, (0.10 percent); corporate green bonds, N5.46 billion(0.06 percent); supra-national bonds got N5.37 billion (0.06 per cent); local money market, N874.39 billion, (9.68 percent) commercial papers, N64.46 billion (0.71 percent); banks - N809.94 billion (8.97 percent). Others were REITS - N14.27 billion, (0.16 percent); Foreign Money Market Securities - N22.54 billion (0.25 percent); private equity fund -N32.34 billion, (0.36 per cent), Real Estate Properties- N231.37 billion (2.56 percent); infrastructure funds, N29.40 billion, (0.33 percent) and cash & other assets, N25.16 billion, (0.28 percent).


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