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Learn how to be the dreamer and the achiever

Bode has always been a dreamer. But better than a dreamer, he was also an achiever. He didn’t let his humble background constrain him as he always sought a means to achieve whatever he wanted.


It didn’t come as a surprise to his peers when he graduated and landed a nice job and on the back of that, he married his long time girlfriend and they started a family.

Bode had a comfortable life living in a rented apartment in a nice, quiet estate. He however dreamt of owning his own home and sought an avenue to achieve this using his own funds. He approached his close friend Nnamdi who although just a little older than Bode already had his own house. Nnamdi laughs hard and asks Bode if he has heard of Voluntary Contributions popularly known as VC.


Of course Bode has heard of VC but does not understand what it is and how to go about it. Nnamdi carefully explains that Voluntary contributions (VCs) are personal contributions that employees who have Retirement Savings Account (“RSA”) can make into their RSA. Given that they both had RSAs with Stanbic IBTC Pension Managers, Nnamdi explained that VCs are separate from the monthly mandatory contributions their employer remits on their behalf and it can be any amount of their choice.


He also explained that VC would allow Bode contribute more than the mandatory minimum. Since VCs are deducted at source and can be withdrawn at any time it would be a great way to ensure that he saves towards the down payment on his own house.

Bode was ecstatic as he had finally found a solution. He approached his employer and simply informed them of the amount he wanted to remit monthly.


Few years later, Bode is sitting in his own sitting room, reminiscing and marveling at the edifice he was able to finance simply because he had listened to his now best friend, Nnamdi and trusted Stanbic IBTC Pensions with his VC.


Today, Bode continues to make VC, is a strong advocate of the concept and highly recommends the idea to everyone he encounters who is looking for a means to save more.